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The types of supermarket shelves, reasonable shelves, so that products brighten

The supermarket store shelves generally refers to business hall display and placed on the recent sale of goods to the cabinet, racks, cabinets, boxes and other equipment. The supermarket shelf is a kind of shelf structure. Improve utilization ratio of storage capacity. In order to adapt to the new situation, all the stores can make full use of warehouse space. Expanding warehouse storage capacity. In recent years。 Improve their competitive ability, stored in the supermarket shelves of goods, mutual extrusion, material consumption is small, can fully guarantee the function of the material itself, reduce the loss of goods. Efforts to business hall showing the effect of the general adjustment, goods shelves, counters and other major equipment device has been modified, some with a new cabinet, the business hall face take on an altogether new aspect.
The goods in the supermarket shelves are easy to access and easy to count and measure. With commodity shelf display than the stall to make full use of the operating space, to put the goods arranged in good order, so that customers at a glance, the commodity information most quickly transferred to the customer, through the emotional display of goods to stimulate and strengthen the purchase decision; the basic operating facilities is also a salesman to provide high quality service to customers the. Whether it is a cabinet supermarket shelf, guarantee the quality of storage goods, you can take moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft, anti damage measures, in order to improve the quality of material storage. Cabinet rack, box type shelves, shelves boom are used to place different commodities, convenient for customers to choose a set of shelves of a group of separate sales of different varieties, composed of sales team, so that customers into a business hall will be able to store shelves formed along the channel network, see a variety of merchandise store operating a superb collection of beautiful things the structure and function of many new shelves, is conducive to the realization of mechanization and automation of warehouse management. The store’s sales service is done directly with the customer before the shelves.

Supermarket shelves how to install supermarket shelves how to put?

How to install supermarket shelves?
1, post installation, complete column should contain three parts, column footings, front baffle pendant, three parts welded together. Before installation, please confirm whether the missing parts, and whether the surface of bump etc.. After the inspection, installation and adjustment of foot.
According to the level of the ground, adjusting foot height, the post installed on the ground. Install other columns as above.
2. After installing two columns, the backboard can be installed. When the backboard is installed, the hanging foot on the backboard is inserted into the long hole on the upright post
Yes, the rest of the backplane is installed as above. After the backplane is installed, the following conditions are as follows:
3. Installing front baffle plate. Installation method is as follows:
4, install the bottom plate, the lower connection plate and the footing as shown below:
5, the installation required to place the goods according to the height of the column hanging foot long hole inserted into the column. On the other side of the installation bracket and the other layers.
6, plate installation, connection plate and the bracket as shown below. The plates of the remaining layers are installed the same.
7, after the installation of supermarket shelves as shown below:

Chairman Jin Yueyue interview Yinfei shelf logistics brand

Reporter: would you please briefly analysis under current development situation of domestic market shelves, as a veteran of the shelf enterprise, flying performance in recent years flying development obvious to people, how?
Kim: since 1990s, China has begun to appear shelf enterprises, a number of European shelf companies began to enter China, they promote the development of the domestic shelf industry has played a significant role. After 2000, the domestic shelf enterprises have sprung up like mushrooms, which have been developing for only about ten years, and the country’s shelf enterprises have developed to more than 100.
At present, there is no uniform industry standards for shelf enterprises, and the shelf manufacturing threshold is low, which makes the market competition become more and more serious. We can divide the national shelves manufacturers into three levels: high-end, middle and low-end. The high-end shelf factory with large-scale and standardized production, from the aspects of design, manufacturing, installation quality, follow their own company standards and foreign standards, and occupy a space for one person in the market, set up their own brand; in the end the shelf factory, the quality standard of general low-end manufacturers; in the manufacturing process, material use and other low standards, rely on low prices to gain market.
Flying start to learn from the experience of foreign countries to imitate to do, from the development of equipment manufacturing technology to improve products, in technology research, process improvement, new product structure development than the counterparts early, constantly optimize the structure and improve the machining efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost.
At the same time, the innovation of marketing mode caters to the policy that the country promotes the shift from manufacturing to service, and puts forward new marketing methods for traditional engineering projects. For example, the successful shelf rental business has changed the company’s marketing model, and the customer has become a long-term leasing from the purchase, opened a new market.
Some problems encountered in the process of development, along with rising labor costs, more and more rely on the technical workers operating level, resulting in the lack of skilled operatives, installation work, is not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises. Is expected to inform automation of the future will invest 1 – 150 million of the factory, to do less population, no production, expand the scale of production and reduce the cost.
Reporter: at present the shelf market is very competitive, how to occupy a space for one person is flying in the fierce competition in the market, target customers, market positioning is how to fly?
Total gold: the target customer base is decided according to the enterprise’s development strategy and the market position. If you want to become bigger and stronger, the target customers must be positioned in the customer demand is relatively large, which means high on product quality, service quality and brand awareness are the requirements, including market survey, pre-sales technical services, manufacturing after installation to do the best.

Mentholatum: niche market to seize the fashion terminal shelf

Mentholatum: niche market to seize the fashion terminal shelf
From the hot summer to the winter dry season, Mentholatum has always focused on refreshing and moisturizing the concept of the two operation of the market, seize the fashion consumer groups: Fruit Punch lipstick and lip balm in watercolor Cecilia Cheung’s endorsement, in supermarkets, convenience stores and other fashion Watsons terminal set up a special counter back cabinet to carry out promotional activities, expanding the young consumer group; men’s skin care is in the “tear face” advertising campaign, continue to create new fashion men’s personal care, also makes Mentholatum gradually become one of the leading brand of men’s skin care.
Analysis of the industry, Watsons has always been to a convenience store, as the main terminal outlets, at the same time through minority communication seize the fashion consumer groups, this is Mentholatum in low profile in popular fashion brand leader.
Minority communication, manufacturing fashion, seize the target consumer groups
Zhang Dai in Beijing, a section of the site office car network editor, the nature of the work that he is in need of long-term online, but also to deal with the automobile industry elite, so the work began, he started from the facial skin care to create “image project”.
“First of all, Mentholatum men’s skin care” ripped face “ad attracted me, retail price is only about 30 yuan, the use is also convenient and time-saving.” Zhang Dai has fully accepted the Mentholatum men’s series. He told reporters, in addition to television advertising, NetEase mobile phone channel “mobile phone book” mobile phone home page, product page you can see the Mentholatum ads, also set up online prize investigation activities, and organized a series of online writing activities in the NetEase life channel.
It is understood that, in Beijing, Tianjin often contact with the network of young consumer groups said most are from the network known as Mentholatum men skin and lip series, “this is the reason why Mentholatum can accurately grasp the target consumer groups.” Guangdong Yi Bo Advertising Co., Ltd. Chen Zhifeng, general manager, said, through the targeted network column title, voting, essay, Q & A and other means of minority communication, and enhance the depth of communication with consumer groups. Because of television advertising for just 30 seconds, full page newspaper ads, to express the information is relatively limited, and the site can be infinitely expanded, it can be 24 hours of uninterrupted work, Internet users can contact the new information at any time, it is the fashion consumer groups most acceptable mode of transmission; in addition, customer relationship management tools network is the fastest and most effective, its biggest feature is the timely interactive, Mentholatum has just put up products, consumers will have to respond immediately, it is more efficient than the customer relationship management hotline, mail marketing.
For example, Chen Zhifeng, recently, Mentholatum fruit punch lip balm to carry out a series of through online and offline activities around the “we will kiss you” theme, the website promotion column including legend, mark, love, kiss, lip lip zone world itself, “Mentholatum, offers the best care everywhere” interpretation. Especially in the network to promote the language and picture, basically can not see the introduction of the product, but through the kiss screen, the propaganda center on the expression of a warm and cordial “love and care” in the world, but also imperceptibly make consumers accept Mentholatum made the concept of fashion.
Seize the fashion terminal shelf
The reporter visited Beijing, Tianjin 7-11 convenience stores, Watsons, Huarun supermarket network terminals, Mentholatum lip balm, men’s skin care series of similar products on the shelves of the distribution rate is above 60%, and the side of the back cabinet shelves, cashier at the basic occupied by Mentholatum. Although the lip balm is priced at around 20 yuan, Beijing Watsons and Mentholatum are still far ahead of other brands, accounting for 70% of total lipstick sales.
“It is an important means for Mentholatum to maintain its annual sales growth of 50%,” he said.” Mentholatum (Zhongshan) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. National Sales Manager Xu Siyuan outspoken. It is understood that by constantly upgrading, Mentholatum series has been the first 5 single product development to the present more than 30 varieties, and strive to build a “lip expert” at the same time, but also solve the problem of seasonal sales balance; star advertising strategy of Mentholatum also creativable – Lip Balm in order to expand consumer groups, Mentholatum has invited Jimmy Lin, Kaneshiro Takeshi endorsement advertising, and now converted to ordinary male model endorsement lipstick and men’s skin care series of ads, these strategies are consciously lead consumers to change the consumption pattern, told the audience “patent of lip balm and skin care products is not a girl”.
There is a good line of products and advertising strategy, to seize the shelf resources become key: Mentholatum use “combination pharmacy + store” in the pathway, long advance increased exposure, especially Watsons, 7-11 convenience stores as the focus of the terminal, seize the fashion target consumer groups, set up various back cabinet, promotional booth, expand impulsive consumption probability, a well-known brand to rise, while the pharmacy terminal can avoid high operating costs, and become a useful supplement; at the same time, the company further access to the terminal, all outlets by the Mentholatum brand own staff throughout the follow-up service, which not only can do direct communication with consumers, but also ensure the timely return payment and safe.
However, the industry also has different views, Mentholatum’s current sales advantage is still in the one or two – tier market, three or four – class city

The benefits of selecting warehouse shelf standards

Damon: tell you good standard optimization storage shelves
1. small shelves:
By reducing the height, increase the material box or baffle, increase the volume of goods.
Through the centralized storage of small pieces, the work intensity of personnel delivery and storage is reduced, the operation burden is reduced, and the work efficiency is improved.
2. medium-sized shelves:
By enlarging the width of the layer and placing the heavy object under it, the damage of the parts is reduced, and the economic loss of the parts is reduced.
3. large shelves:
By increasing the number of large shelves, such as bumpers and tire shelves, warehouse efficiency is improved.
4. shelf with low utilization rate:
The shelves with low utilization rate are cancelled, such as long and short exhaust pipe shelves, steel ring shelves and shock absorber shelves, and the storage space is released.

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